Track 0 Intro
Track 1 Natalie’s plans for next weekend
Track 2 How we’ll live in 100 years
Track 3 Weather forecasts
Track 4 5 plans for next weekend
Track 5 Different cities, different lives
Track 6 National weather forecast
Track 7 Say it right! ai/ay
Track 8 Find the sound! oi/oy (practice)
Track 9 Find the sound! ai/ay (test)
Track 10 Google’s offices
Track 11 Nathan Harris’ workplace advice
Track 12 Airport announcements
Track 13 Calculus class rules
Track 14 Restaurant phrases
Track 15 Say it right! oi/oy
Track 16 Find the sound! oi/oy
Track 17 Crazy laws
Track 18 The most important inventions ever
Track 19 Mexico: Innovation for the world
Track 20 Patient report forms
Track 21 Ingvar Kampard factsheet
Track 22 Vacation destination preferences
Track 23 Say it right! ph/f
Track 24 Find the sound! ph/f (practice)
Track 25 Find the sound! ph/f (test)