Track 0 Intro
Track 1 Rethinking plastic
Track 2 Social projects around the world
Track 3 Sustainable buildings in Mexico
Track 4 A Japanese town free of garbage
Track 5 The fog-catching process
Track 6 Say it right: OO
Track 7 Find the sound: OO-U
Track 8 Crazy commutes
Track 9 What would you do with a million dollars?
Track 10 What I might do with a million dollars
Track 11 My daily commute
Track 12 Advertising campaigns for different businesses
Track 13 Say it right: -E
Track 14 Find the sound: -E
Track 15 From Mexico... to the world!
Track 16 Landmarks in my city
Track 17 Day of the Dead preparations
Track 18 4 new wonders of the world
Track 19 If Columbus hadn't discovered America
Track 20 Say it right: I...E/IGH
Track 21 Find the sound: I...E/IGH